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I’m Finished!!!!!

Finally, after much procrastination, I have finished my 35 page short story.

I know this may not sound like such an accomplishment to some of you, but for someone who’s well known for getting halfway through a story and losing interest, It’s a major accomplishment. Even better, after a little polish, I think it will actually be publishable. So far my readers agree.

Of course now I’m considering expanding it into a novel. I’m going to let it sit for a while and work on another short while I consider my options. I’m just so excited. It feels like I’ve finally broken through a wall I’ve been bumping into for years.

And now that the good news is out of the way, it’s time for a mini-rant.

I want to start by saying that I’m a huge supporter of independent writers. I think the time of the big publishing houses is drawing to a close.

(If any of them are reading this, I totally didn’t mean that. Please sign me.)

Still, many of the independent writers I’ve read have made one seemingly common mistake. They assumed that since they were self-publishing, they didn’t need to have their manuscripts looked over by a professional editor.

I will say that some of the things that are like nails on a chalkboard to me probably don’t even register with most readers. Still, I think professional authors should do everything they can to make sure their work is the best it can be.

When I see a glaring error in a book, particularly pertaining to usage, it takes me right out of the story. If there are too many of them, I may even give up on it. Let me make this clear, I almost never stop reading a book once I’ve started, but if I’m constantly being jerked back out of the story I finally have to admit defeat.

Now I’m not saying this will stop me from reading independent books but it may stop me from reading a particular author.

As for me, I will hire an editor.

Okay, rant over.

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That Debilitating Fear Of Success

Well folks, what can I say? I blew it again.

I really meant to post here regularly, but there is a good reason I haven’t been. I’ve been too embarrassed. You see, I haven’t been writing as much as I had hoped. I planned to come on here telling you I haven’t been writing because I was too busy.

Yes, it’s true. This summer has been particularly stressful for many reasons. At one point I thought I was losing my job, so I was scrambling to find other sources of income without having to sell myself on the street. Luckily, my boss changed his mind and decided to keep my position. Then there was my brother’s bachelor party and wedding. They were both fun, but planning for them and getting ready for them took time. I can only imagine what they went through considering I was stressed out about it and I live 1,200 miles away. I could make a long lost of things that have demanded my time this summer, but they’re all just bullshit excuses. I still had plenty of time to write. I owe you guys the truth.

I’m almost finished with a piece that I think is good enough to publish. The few people that I’ve allowed to read parts of it seem to love it. I only have a few pages left and I know I could finish it in a few hours yet I’ve been dragging my feet finishing it for weeks going on months.

The truth is, I’m terrified. Yes, I’m scared it’s not as good as I think it is, but I could deal with that. I’m really scared that it actually is as good as I think.

I’ve always lived my life as the lovable underachiever. I tend to choose jobs where not much is expected of me. When it comes down to it, I’m afraid people will really like my story and expect more of the same quality. Deep down I know I can produce more, but I’m still afraid of letting people down. I know it doesn’t make any sense but hey,  writers are supposed to be at least a little neurotic. Right?

But never fear. I’ve faced my demons and I’m back on track. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to write a post about my first real sale. Please don’t give up on me just yet.



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