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I’ve Finally Unplugged (Well, Sort Of)

Today I took a major step in my quest to become a more productive writer. I closed Facebook. I don’t mean I closed my account. I just closed the page which has been the default page of my browser for years. Now don’t laugh. I know it may not be a big deal to many of you, but for me it’s the equivalent of a crackhead putting away his pipe.

I don’t know how many times I’ve sat down at my desk to write but when I woke up my compuer there it was staring at me.

“I’ll just take a quick peek before I get to work.” I would think to myself. Hours later I would realize my writing time was up and I hadn’t written a word except perhaps to comment on someone’s cat picture.

Now am I going cold turkey? Of course not. I’ll probably still spend way too much of my free time scrolling through everyone’s posts. It’s just that now I will have to make a conscious decision to do so. Hopefully I have the will power to resist until the day’s work is done.

I’ve also decided to leave my laptop at home. I began bringing it to work to increase productivity. Unfortunately it’s been more of a distraction. I spend way too much time just surfing the internet. All I really need is my tablet and my keyboard and I can do all the writing I want. Hopefully it will also be easier on my back.

If this doesn’t work I might just have to take Hemingway’s advice and scale back to just a notebook and pencil.



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Selling Out (Isn’t As Easy As It Sounds)

Hello friends.

In an attempt to take the starving part out of the starving artist lifestyle, I have been trying various strategies to supplement my income. I’ve tried selling various crafts without much success. Unfortunately, prostitution is right out. I’m just not pretty enough.

After much deliberation I decided to try selling articles anonymously online for use as web content for various companies. I’ve considered doing this before but ultimately decided against it as it actually feels like the literary version of prostitution. And not even high class prostitution either. More like the quick handy in a dark alley for a few bucks. I always felt like my writing was better than that. I suppose every writer worth a damn does.

Alas, no matter how good I feel my writing is or how high my standards, so far it hasn’t been paying the bills. So I’ve gone back to whoring.

I figured I would start my daily writing session with a couple quick articles as a warm up before I get into my real writing.

Thus I embarked on a journey to research which sites pay the best, which are easiest to get started in, etc. I soon found myself in a deep quagmire of people willing to give me all the dirt. For a fee of course. This leaves me with the question, if their methods are so simple and foolproof, why are they trying to make their money off of me instead?

After much frustration, I picked a couple sites out of a hat and crossed my fingers. Maybe something will come of it, maybe not.

For the most part, my frustration has strengthened my resolve to make my fortune from my real writing and to stop trying to take shortcuts.


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